Applying Cutting-edge Research to Everyday Practice:
Chiropractic and Exercise

Doctors Comments Who Recently Attended Validating Chiropractic

“I’ve attended Dr. Slosberg’s presentation 4 times since 1999. It has deepened my comprehension of sophisticated neurological concepts. It is the only curriculum I insist on repeating every few years to keep abreast of the latest research. I consider Dr. Slosberg to be the best informed & most scientifically astute chiropractor I have personally met during my 16 years of practice.”

“This is absolutely the best course I have ever attended. This type of information must be at the fingertips of each chiropractor.”

“This is the second time I’ve watched Dr. Slosberg address a large group of medical doctors. He completely satisfies all of their questions regarding chiropractic. You can easily tell how impressed the MDs are with his knowledge of health care, anatomy, medicine, chiropractic, and the latest studies in these areas. I wish every chiropractor could see Dr. Slosberg lecture in this environment.”

“This is one of the first seminars of any type that I have attended where all participants remained attentive in the room at all times. It was a great source of information to help me become an expert in my field of chiropractic. It was presented skillfully and enjoyably.”

“This seminar is excellent. The information contained within it cannot be missed by any responsible chiropractor. There is a wealth of information to support chiropractic. Very enlightening!”

“I've learned more about chiropractic adjustments in one weekend than I did in 4 years of chiropractic college!”

“I cannot stress too greatly the relevance of this program to the new clinician and the seasoned clinician alike. The materials presented may set a precedent for the unification of the profession through common observation based on current knowledge and understanding.”

“Dr. Slosberg has a wealth of information and he is an excellent presenter.”

“Malik Slosberg shows profound understanding of the subject material and is intimately familiar with the details and implications of every clinical study presented and all studies mentioned by class members. His presentation is fun, exciting and reflects a love for chiropractic.”

“What a refreshing course! After being alone in practice its wonderful to get good answers to your questions, whether they be clinical, scientific or philosophical. I especially appreciated Dr. Slosberg's knowledgeable and chiropractic approach and the feeling that chiropractic is developing the scientific data to document it's methods.”

“This information not only gives you a firm understanding of the scientific basis of chiropractic but couples this with a strong belief system in the philosophy and purpose of chiropractic and will undoubtedly increase your clinical proficiency and success.”

“The program documents a tremendous body of chiropractic knowledge. A must for dedicated, principled DCs looking for legally defensible chiropractic.”

“This program is outstanding. Not only has it made me aware of the latest research in chiropractic but it has presented me with information that I can use in my office tomorrow. I believe that this is the best chiropractic education postgraduate program in the United States.”

“This is a great seminar! The knowledge you gain here will not only be a great asset to yourself and your patients, but will give you the power needed to be a force in chiropractic that only knowledge will allow.”

“Dr. Slosberg kept our interest through both days with an excellent presentation and backed the information up with great references. This program will give me the certainty I've wanted in my practice with hard facts to back up the information I give to my patients.”

“Excellent seminar! Very informative and very practical. I can use this information tomorrow.”

“Dr. Slosberg was very prepared and interesting. His sense of humor was very entertaining.”

“Dr. Slosberg's grasp and enthusiasm for the material allowed this weekend to be extremely interesting even after a full week of practice.”

“Dr. Slosberg clarified the whys that we in chiropractic do what we do and how it works. Knowing this has increased my ability to help more patients with greater confidence.”

“Besides being very exciting and informative this information will help unify the chiropractic profession. The practice of defensible chiropractic will become more solid, widespread and accepted.”

“Dr. Slosberg was concise and informative. This information will help me in my practice and to educate my patients about the benefits of chiropractic care.”

“I enjoyed the seminar very much. It made me proud to be a chiropractor. It offers to educate and inspire us to be the best DCs we can, something that has been lacking for a long time.”

“If you want to know the scientific basis for ho we help people this program will provide it. Dr. Slosberg is so clear, prepared and knowledgeable. It's exciting to be involved in this process of verifying chiropractic.”

“The program far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Slosberg and his material were superb. Thank you!”

“The information given is essential to any chiropractor who really desires to understand chiropractic. The confidence that the possession of this knowledge gives is invaluable to any DC's career.”

“Most practical and informative CE credits earned in 9 yrs of practice! The information will be greatly effective for patient care, for me and beyond.”

“I gave all excellent ratings which might suggest a lack of objectivity, but this is truly a presentation Parker College of Chiropractic can be proud to sponser.

The seminar is fascinating and timely. Dr. Slosberg held my interest the entire time. The new chiropractic research is terrific.”

“This material is essential: essential to understand and incorporate into daily practice. Dr. Slosberg maintained my attention and enthusiasm the entire time. He even inspired me to read my neuro texts last night. It is obvious that Dr. Slosberg loves to teach!”

“The seminar was fantastic. It documented chiropractic with scientific data and research. The information is essential the validation of chiropractic.”

“There is a wealth of information to support chiropractic that should not be missed by any chiropractor!”

“Dr. Slosberg's understanding of chiropractic is profound. He is intimately familiar with the details & implications of every clinical study and his presentation is fun, exciting. Very enlightening.”

“This course should be required for all D.C.s and students. Excellent from many perspectives: malpractice, marketing, doctors confidence building, patient education, etc.”