Daligadu J, MHSc, Haavik H, PhD, Murphy B, DC, PhD et al.

Alterations in Cortical & Cerebellar Motor Processing in Subclinical Neck Pain Pts following SM. JMPT 2013; 36:527-537.

Comments: This paper by two highly esteemed chiropractors/neurophysiologists demonstrates for the first time that high velocity low amplitude chiropractic cervical manipulations improved/normalized the cerebellar impact on the motor cortex and resulted in improved motor learning and task performance.

Background : Study investigates whether there are alterations in cerebellar output to the motor cortex in subclinical neck pain (SCNP) Ss & if SM before motor sequence learning might restore t baseline functional relationship between t cerebellum & motor cortex & affect sensorimotor integration w respect to t cerebellum & the motor cortex. T cerebellum is actively involved in motor learning & sensorimotor integration of afferent input from joints of t neck & spine. T cerebellum is a plastic structure responsible for modulation of motor circuitry is also involved in the modulation of motor cortex excitability. A reduction of cerebellar inhibition is in found in Pts w migraine with aura & in Pts w focal hand dystonia.

Methods: 10 SCNP Ss were tested using TMS before & after a combined intervention of SM & motor sequence learning. 10 healthy Ss were also tested before & after motor sequence learning. TMS measurements included short-interval intracortical inhibition, long-interval intracortical inhibition, & cerebellar inhibition (CBI). Results: The SCNP grp showed a significant improvement in task performance as indicated by a 19% decrease in mean reaction time, wh occurred concurrently with a decrease in CBI following the combined SM & motor sequence learning intervention. The healthy Ss also showed an improvement in task performance.

Conclusion: SCNP Pts have an alteration in cerebellar modulation of motor output when they receive a chiro SM before performing motor sequence learning. SM before a motor sequence learning task changes the CBI pattern to one similar to healthy controls.