December 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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November 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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October 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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September 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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August 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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July 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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June 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

Dagenais S, DC, PhD, Tricco AC, PhD, Haldeman S, DC, MD, PhD. Synthesis of recommendations for the assessment and management of low back pain from recent clinical practice guidelines. The Spine Journal 10 (2010) 514–529. This paper reviews recent guidelines including data from 2001 - 2009 published in Australia, Belgium, Europe (ALBP), Europe (CLBP), Italy, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom, United States (1), and United States (2).

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May 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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April 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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March 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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February 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

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January 2010 Newsletter from Malik Slosberg, DC, MS

Study #1: Hondras MA, DC, MPH, et al. A randomized controlled trial comparing 2 types of spinal manipulation and minimal conservative medical care for adults 55 years and older with subacute or chronic low back pain. JMPT 2009;32(5):330-43.

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