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Designed for those who want only lower back or neck support, this unit provides a gentle foam cushion that can be adjusted using the aspirator bulb. Ideal for small office chairs, bucket seats or where portability is required. Clinically tested and proven beneficial for improving spinal curvature over an extended period of time.

$29.00 (Black only) [Add to Cart]


Recommended by Professionals worldwide, EmbraceAIRPlus is state of the art. Custom molded foam contours to you naturally offering gentle, lateral support. The vertical contouring spinal strip eases into position to match your natural shape. Adding our patented air system gives you the best tested, proven and guaranteed back support available today.

$59.00 (Black only) [Add to Cart]

FitBALL Wedge

Used as a posture correcting seat cushion or a lumbar support, the inflatable FitBALL Wedge encourages proper alignment with its dynamic wedge shape. The 13" surface is smooth on one side with sensory points on the other.

$1 off each wedge automatically applied when buying 6 or more
$2 off each wedge automatically applied when buying 12 or more

$25.00 (Blue only) [Add to Cart]

FitBALL Sports Edition

The Sport edition is comparable to the original FitBall, but at a lower price. An excellent ball for balance, stability and core-strength training. Pump & 4 color exercise posters included.

Sizes and Prices Available:

55cm (22in) - $21.00 each (Red, Black & Pearl) [Add to Cart]
65cm (26in) - $23.00 each (Black) [Add to Cart]
75cm (30in) - $27.00 each (Yellow, Black & Pearl) [Add to Cart]

Discounts available:
Order 6 - 11 - use Discount code 6
Order of 12 or more - use Discount code 12

Neck Stabilization Handout

This colorful handout contains neck stabilization exercises. It assists in a patient's active care exercise plan. One pad contains 100 handouts. $25.00 [Add to Cart]

Core Stabilization Handout

This colorful handout contains core stabilization exercises. It assists in a patient's active care exercise plan. One pad contains 100 handouts. $25.00 [Add to Cart]

Therapy Ball by FitBall

Therapy balls release tension in the muscular and fascial tissue in the pelvis, hip, back, neck, chest and shoulders.

7in Beginner - $14.00 each (Black) [Add to Cart]

Discounts available:
For 12 or more therapy balls purchased. Please contact us for price and shipping costs!

Sit 'n Gym Plus

A premium FitBALL quality with the addition of small peg feet so it does not roll away!

65cm (26in) - $29.00 each (Blue only) [Add to Cart]

FitBall Wall Chart Set

Full-color laminated charts offer over 50 exercises in four critical areas: Upper Body, Lower Body, Abs, Back and Core, and Stretching and Flexibility. Each measures 13" x 19".

Set of 4 Wall Charts - $20.00 [Add to Cart]

Handled Stretch Cords

Excellent tool for integrating balance training
Improve body strength, core function and toning

55 cm - $90.00 (Blue only) [Add to Cart]

Add-on: Pair of stretch tubing with handles and clip-ons specialy made for Balance Dome

5 to 14 lbs. - Yellow - $40.00 [Add to Cart]
8 to 24 lbs. - Green - $40.00 [Add to Cart]
12 to 31 lbs. - Red - $40.00 [Add to Cart]

Door Mount

$5.00 [Add to Cart]

Balance Disc Cushion

Great for sitting, standing and lying exercises
Improve intramuscular coordination
Great for balance training & essential rehabilitation

61cm (24in) - $65.00 (Blue only) [Add to Cart]

Seating Disc

An inflatable disc with a unique dome shape that mimics the instability of a FitBALL exercise ball. Use on a chair for active sitting to strengthen core muscles and improve body alignment. Use on the floor for abdominal, strengthening and balancing exercises.

$25.00 [Add to Cart]

Seating Disc Junior
Heavy duty inflatable seat cushion / wobble board
$23.00 [Add to Cart]

Discounts available: Use Discount Code for Orders of
Order 6 - 11 discs - seating6
Order of 12 or more - seating12

Balance Pod

Great tool for balance training and motor skill development
Arrange in any position and step from one to another
Flat side down for moderate balance training
Pebble side down for more challenge

30.5cm (12in) - $25.00 [Add to Cart]

FitBALL Balance Pad

Great for rehabilitation, coordination and balance training
Durable surfaces offer more stability
Easy to clean

$1 off each wedge automatically applied when buying 8 or more

15" x 18.25" x 2" Blue - $35.00 [Add to Cart]

Head Strap

Neoprene padded. One size (adjustable from 20-in (50 cm) to 26-in (66 cm) head circumference).

Includes Modular Tubing (1.5 - 4.5 lbs) and Door Mount

$39.00 [Add to Cart]


Swiss Ball Applications for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

In this book, Joanne Posner-Mayer instructs clients in ball exercises prescribed and practiced during supervised therapy sessions. These exercises can be applied to people of all ages and abilities. This book is an excellent companion to the Mayer's DVD.

$35.00 [Add to Cart]


WebExercises® Desktop

You can quickly and easily create concise and personalized patient exercise Rx, selecting from over 1,000 clinically-accepted exercises and stretches for all parts of the body. Instruction sheets can be printed or delivered by email, customized with your clinic's name and logo.

$309.00 [Add to Cart]

Steve Yeomans, D.C., FACO - WebExercises® QFCE Templates

Dr. Yeomans created a companion CD to the WebExercises Desktop

This CD-ROM includes 73 exercise templates for the Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation and for Extremity Exercises as well.

The CD is easily loaded onto a hard drive. This should be done after the WebExercises disc has already been installed. The WebExercises QFCE Templates will then appear on the template page on WebExercises.

The WebExercises QFCE Templates is ideal to assist chiropractors in designing effective evidence-based exercise prescriptions for their patients with a body wide spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders.

If you already have WebExercises consider purchasing

QFCE Templates - $80.00 [Add to Cart]

Purchase Together
WebExercises® Desktop & QFCE Templates - $389.00 [Add to Cart]

Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation (QFCE)

Manual - $35.00 [Add to Cart]
CD-ROM - $35.00 [Add to Cart]

QFCE Specific Exercise Prescriptions

Manual - $50.00 [Add to Cart]
CD-ROM - $50.00 [Add to Cart]


Back to Functional Movement

Back rehabilitation routine that contains cardiovascular, spinal mobility, spinal extension, abdominal strength and core trunk control exercises.

FitBALL exercises enhance balance, strength, flexibility & motor control. These exercises have functional carry over to the real world.

$20.00 [Add to Cart]

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Orthopedic, Sports Medicine & Fitness Exercises Using the Swiss Ball

Joanne Posner-Mayer, a physical therapist, is recognized internationally as an expert on therapeutic Swiss ball applications.

This DVD is based on Ms. Mayer's 20 years of professional experience in various orthopedic and neurological settings.

90 minute DVD

$30.00 [Add to Cart]

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