Applying Cutting-edge Research to Everyday Practice:
Chiropractic and Exercise

Course Overview

What You Will Learn:

Learn how to apply cutting-edge research to everyday practice in order to improve patient well-being, physical function and brain function by integrating chiropractic and exercise training.

The seminar reviews the newest chiropractic research in practical and inspiring ways and includes the latest evidence available.

Learn how to change the natural history of chronic problems, improve patient function, performance, self-efficacy, brain function and neuromotor control.

Learn how to effectively document patient progress with self-reports and objective physical performance tests.

Learn How To:
  • How to evaluate neuromotor control and improve coactivation of core trunk stabilizers.
  • How injury & pain disturb brain function, impair sensory processing and motor programs.
  • How chiropractic care and exercise improve motor control & brain function.
  • How to quantify patient baseline status, progress and the need for additional care by the use of both objective physical performance tests and patient self-reports.
  • How to evaluate the need for and prescribe effective active exercise training.
  • How to improve patient education in order to enhance patient compliance, self-efficacy, outcomes and satisfaction.
  • How to markedly improve the long-term outcomes of mechanical back and neck problems by the use of chiropractic adjustments and exercise training